My First Blog Post

Ok so this is my first foray in to blogging.  I’ve been thinking about getting online for years but due to the busy nature of my work as a cardiac electrophysiologist, I have delayed getting into writing online until now.  What has really motivated me to start a website and blog is that I want a way to meaningfully connect with my patients, and also a forum to discuss the latest developments both in science and in clinical electrophysiology (EP).  The goals of this blog are to make the concepts and study of EP accessible to others and to generate discussion about heart disease and arrhythmias in a meaningful way.  Of note, this website is for educational and entertainment purposes, does not constitute medical advice, and does NOT imply a doctor-patient relationship.  Over the next month or so, I will be slowly putting together the look and “feel” of the website, as well as developing themes for discussion.  Stay tuned for more changes soon !