News: The McCauley ECG Course Launches Online

I am pleased to announce that the McCauley ECG Course has officially launched online.  This course is specifically geared towards the needs of students (medical, nursing, health professions, industry) in learning how to interpret electrocardiograms (ECG).  I created this course because I found no resources, either in books or online, that specifically targets the needs of students for board exams and clinical rotations.  What makes this course different is the organized top-to-bottom workflow for reading ECGs, highlighted real-time frames showing which parts of the ECG to focus on, and clinical case correlations, which bring the clinical relevance of each ECG into focus.  This course is what I was looking for as a medical student, but could never find.  In short, if you’re wondering which ECG resource to use for your basic science and clinical rotations, this is it  !  Click on the image below to get started.